List of Winners of the 2022 No2H8 Annual Awards

These are the list of successful nominations and Winners of the Annual No2H8 Awards for 2022. We warmly congratulate the winners for the work that they have done in communities and in countering hate, intolerance and prejudice.

We are also proud of the range of individuals whose nominations were entered into the No2H8 Awards for 2022.

Young Upstander Award 2022: Adam Khan

Media Upstander Award 2022: Marina Hyde

Community Upstander Award 2022: I Am Me Scotland

Local Authority Upstander Award 2022: Cllr Saima Ashraf

Law Enforcement Upstander Award 2022: PC Christopher Nicholson

Lifetime Achievement Award 2022: Gerry Gable

Business Upstander Award 2022: Arc Theatre

Sports Upstander Award 2022: Jake Daniels

The CPS (Crown Prosecution Award) Upstander Award 2022: Sonia Chakrabarti

The Tell MAMA Upstander Award 2022: Mick Conboy

The Sylvia Lancaster Upstander Award 2022: GYG Youth Committee

The Sophie Lancaster Upstander Award 2022: Heavy Metal Therapy

Categories for the No2H8 2022 Awards

As we move towards the November 2022 fifth annual No2H8 Awards, we have confirmed the following categories for the Awards.

These include the following:

  • The Young Upstander Award,
  • The Media Upstander Award,
  • The Community Upstander Award,
  • The Local Authority Upstander Award,
  • The Law Enforcement Upstander Award,
  • The Parliamentary Upstander Award,
  • The Social Research Upstander Award,
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award (in countering intolerance and prejudice),
  • The Business Upstander Award,
  • The Sports Upstander Award,


These will be presented by the following organisations to individuals who have made a marked difference to the work of these organisations in tackling hatred, intolerance and prejudice.

  • The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) Upstander Award,
  • The Tell MAMA Upstander Award,
  • The Sylvia Lancaster Upstander Award,
  • The Sophie Lancaster Upstander Award

Public nominations for the awards will open on Monday the 18th of July 2022.