Sponsorship Opportunities for the No2H8 2023 Awards Are Open

After last year’s successful No2H8 Awards, we have decided to open the sponsorship opportunities for organisations, corporate bodies and companies two months earlier since this provides a better lead in and promotional time for brands that are supporting the Awards.

Last year’s sponsorship opportunities provided a wide array of exposure both online and offline for sponsors and ensured that communities involved in countering and campaigning against hatred, intolerance and prejudice, had the opportunity to engage and recognise sponsoring brands early on.

If you are looking to engage with socially active individuals and communities of interest in this area, why don’t you get in touch with us on info@no2h8crimeawards.org. Or you can call us on 0207 935 5573.

After last year’s attendance of over 320 people, we are hoping to build on this in 2023.

List of Winners of the 2022 No2H8 Annual Awards

These are the list of successful nominations and Winners of the Annual No2H8 Awards for 2022. We warmly congratulate the winners for the work that they have done in communities and in countering hate, intolerance and prejudice.

We are also proud of the range of individuals whose nominations were entered into the No2H8 Awards for 2022.

Young Upstander Award 2022: Adam Khan

Media Upstander Award 2022: Marina Hyde

Community Upstander Award 2022: I Am Me Scotland

Local Authority Upstander Award 2022: Cllr Saima Ashraf

Law Enforcement Upstander Award 2022: PC Christopher Nicholson

Lifetime Achievement Award 2022: Gerry Gable

Business Upstander Award 2022: Arc Theatre

Sports Upstander Award 2022: Jake Daniels

The CPS (Crown Prosecution Award) Upstander Award 2022: Sonia Chakrabarti

The Tell MAMA Upstander Award 2022: Mick Conboy

The Sylvia Lancaster Upstander Award 2022: GYG Youth Committee

The Sophie Lancaster Upstander Award 2022: Heavy Metal Therapy