Let’s Honour Those Heroes Who Challenged Hate in the Pandemic

We are finally coming through to some sense of ‘normality’ after the Covid pandemic. However, even as we speak, there is a rise in Covid infections in England as new variations of the Omicron strain take root in our country.

We know that the pandemic meant that more people went online and sometimes consumed web-sites that promoted conspiracy theories and antisemitic, anti-Muslim or LGBTQ hate. The level of hate incidents rose during the first quarter of the pandemic, between April-July 2020. Groups such as the Community Security Trust and Tell MAMA, for example, recorded spikes in online hate that affected both Jewish and Muslim communities.

We are also aware that many individuals were instrumental in working with others to challenge hatred and those groups spreading intolerance when the pandemic took initial root in April 2020. 

Which is why we are keen on ensuring that they are honoured and nominated for recognition at the 2022 No2H8 Awards.

Therefore, if you know of such an individual, do consider nominating them when nominations open on Monday the 18th of July. We will be circulating the nomination link on that day and thereafter.

Organisations Tackling Hate – Get Involved


The No2H8 Awards have a range of hate crime countering partners who have worked with and associated themselves with the national awards.

We are looking to refresh the list and work with existing organisations, as well as new organisations that have started work in this area since 2020.

We understand that the pandemic has changed much and with that in mind, we must ensure that the Awards include as many organisations countering hate, as possible.

If you are such an organisation, get in touch with us on info@no2h8crimeawards.org to discuss how you may be involved.