The No2H8 Awards Moves into its Seventh Year

We are proud to announce that the annual No2H8 Awards will be taking place in November 2023. This will be our seventh year and we have ensured that as wide a number of partner agencies who work on hate crime work, are involved.

Hate crime work has come under the political spotlight recently, though no-one can deny the importance of ensuring that victims have the chance to have their voices heard when a crime takes place against them and when it targets a part of their identity.

Sponsorships for the No2H8 Awards are open and we are deeply grateful to those organisations and agencies who continue to support the No2H8 Awards.

As the Chair of the Awards, Fiyaz Mughal OBE says:

We need to ensure that the values of standing up for each other and ensuring our collective safety are re-enforced. Britain is a country where many of us from minority communities have found a space to live and to thrive. That is testament to the British spirit of fairness and which we should always celebrate.

Sponsorship Opportunities for the No2H8 2023 Awards Are Open

After last year’s successful No2H8 Awards, we have decided to open the sponsorship opportunities for organisations, corporate bodies and companies two months earlier since this provides a better lead in and promotional time for brands that are supporting the Awards.

Last year’s sponsorship opportunities provided a wide array of exposure both online and offline for sponsors and ensured that communities involved in countering and campaigning against hatred, intolerance and prejudice, had the opportunity to engage and recognise sponsoring brands early on.

If you are looking to engage with socially active individuals and communities of interest in this area, why don’t you get in touch with us on Or you can call us on 0207 935 5573.

After last year’s attendance of over 320 people, we are hoping to build on this in 2023.