About Us


We are launching the National No2H8 Crime Awards 2018, as a coalition of organisations that work on tackling hatred, intolerance and prejudice.

We believe that so many individuals within communities, diligently and tirelessly, work towards supporting the cohesion of communities and thereby support the stability and safety of our country. More than this, they ensure that the dignity of all individuals are protected by maintaining the premise that everyone in our country should be able to live their lives free from fear.

From the elderly woman living on her own who is traumatised by racist taunts, through to the Jewish or disabled man who suffer abuse at a street level, many within communities stand with the victims and work tirelessly and on the back of their own volition to ensure that their voices are heard and that the safety of victims is maintained. This is the true nature of what makes our country special. It is a desire to maintain the very basis of human rights that are universal and that are not applied variably on the basis of faith, skin colour, disability or gender.

This year’s theme for 2018 is entitled, ‘Upstanders and Not Bystanders‘. It reflects on the need to challenge hatred, intolerance and bigotry safely and with added vigour given the sharp rises in hate incidents and crimes we have seen post Brexit and when national and international incidents also impact on the levels of them.

We are proud to include a coalition of partners in the National No2H8 Crime Awards 2018 which include Tell MAMA, the Community Security Trust, GALOP, Stonewall and the ‘No to Hate Crime’ campaign.

If you’d like to attend the awards, please fill in the form here.